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How to activate colour operator logo in nokia mobile s40

All we know that there is a operator logo option in the display setting of our nokia mobile.whenever we click on it,it shows a messege "no logo in memory".
Many sites provides operator logo.but when u try to download it,it will be saved in your mobile gallary in png format.

Dont worry now any the below to activate logo in your mobile.

1.The main problem is that the nokia operator logo are of .oplc extension and in png format.

So if you downloaded a colourlogo to your mobile,then it will be saved in your gallery.
or you can make own logo in your pc.
a)open any image editor
b)make your logo of size 250*50
c)save it in .png format
d)rename it from .png to .oplc
e)pest it to your mobile by pc suit.
f)move to step 4 now. use any file explorer like blue ftp,royal file explorer.
(you can download these apps to your mobile from rename the logo from .png to .oplc.rename it with the file explorer.because normaly in your gallery you can only rename the name not the format.
Ex-name.png to name.oplc note down the path of that file.or if you have memorycard.move that file directly to memory card..not to any other folder of it. go to your mobile go to link option in web menu.but the new nokia mobile has no go to option in you go to music on option>download>goto.
Just clear the text there and type

(if you moved that logo to memory card.)
(if the name of logo is name.oplc)
click ok.

now go back to main screen.a logo is received in your mobile .open and save it.

Now go to display can turn on operator logo now.
You can change it also.

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